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Yordan's Testimony

Hello dear brothers and sisters, in Christ my name is Yordan and here is my testimony of how Christ saved me. I was sitting in my room and deeply involved in drugs and smoking marijuana. And then the devil entered my body and was moving me to jump out of my window on the 7th floor And suddenly I had no control over my body and something was moving my body to jump. Then suddenly A big light came out of nowhere and hit my body And I shook and began crying in anguish because I knew that it was Jesus who saved me because I was going to jump and suddenly He came by the holy spirit to save me. I began crying and telling God how sorry I am for my sins and that day I was born again and had peace and was freed from the domain of darkness. Now I have Joy peace and live normal live praying and communing with my Lord Jesus. "And they overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony."

Thank you Lord I hope my testimony encourages someone here. Amen


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