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Sickness in the life of a believer can be a true test of faith. The Bible says healing is the Children's bread but this can sound like a fairy tale when a believer is faced with a challenge of constant sickness.  Are you in such a state and you are wondering if God still hears us? Don't be discouraged dear sister or brother. 

I was once in the same state.  I was in a desperate state of ill health.  I moved from Hospital to hospital. . . . spending time,money,and emotionally drained.  I wondered if God had called me or if he even heard prayers. I was so sad to constantly see my parents worry about my condition. Sonetimes it seemed I was better but after a while,i became sick again. i was in pain and my faith in God was dwindling. His word did not seem to make sense to me. . . . until one day,while still in pain I opened my Bible in Job 14 vs 7 which says there is hope for a tree even if it's cut off. it will sprout again and it's shoots will not die. That scripture went through me like a magnet. i knew even in my situation there was still hope. that hope was in prayer. I bent my head and prayed a simple prayer but very sincere. i said "Lord,if you are in heaven and if you have called me. . . then take away this sickness from my body Lord so that I may serve you with all of my heart". I lifted up my head and all was still for a while. The sharp pain in my stomach came again more powerfully than before but after some minutes it went all away. Just like that God took away five years of pain and sickness because I prayed in faith a simple but faith filled prayer to the God who answers by fire. Years of medication became a moment if testimony and ever since I have been thriving in Good and divine health. Wherever you are reading this,just believe. . . God still hears us when we pray from pure and sincere hearts. He will turn that pain into gain just as he did for me. Today I share my testimony to fellow believers to let them know that if there is hope for a tree. . . then certainly there is hope for God's children. Shalom!

About the Author:
Jim Hill
Author: Jim Hill
Jim Hill lives in Winona Lake, Indiana and is married to Dr. Christy Hill. He is employed in the software industry for a firm that develops and sells document scanning and forms processing software. His wife Christy is a professor at Grace Theological Seminary. Jim has earned a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Grace Theological Seminary, a Master's of Business Administration from the University of Detroit - Mercy, and a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Western Michigan University. He was born in a loving Catholic family and faithfully attended the Church for the first 35 years of his life. His desire is for Christians to study the Bible and this is why he writes the Sunday Mass Study Notes each week.


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