Josephia's Testimony

My life changed significantly I have felt happier, I am. More honest with myself and more calm. My soul/spirit just feels good it feels so different. I have faith in lord and myself and I believe he has my back. I hardly feel sad and when I do feel sad I think of him. I made a effort to pray one I started I never stopped. I talk to him daily and pray to him I could never forget a day or I’ll feel bad about myself he’s my source for being happy. I use to reject him sadly I use feel he was against me I thought The worst. My life before Christ I felt worthless unhappy and depressed. I even use to cut myself I felt a lot of pain I just thought everyone and god was against me and I’m on 15 years old. Something told me I needed love I needed happiness I needed to feel safe and relaxed I need the lord and ever since I told myself that and accepted Jesus Christ. I’m happy I made that descison. 

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