-Blasting 2 Kings 19:7,35

-East .Hot and blasting in Egypt Genesis 41:6 .In the valley of the Euphrates River Ezekiel 19:12 .In

Canaan Hosea 13:15; Luke 12:55 At the city of Nineveh John 4:8 .Tempestuous in the land of Uz Job


-West . Took away the plague of locusts from the land of Egypt Exodus 10:19

-North .Free from humidity in Canaan Proverbs 25:23

-South .Soothing Job 37:17 .Tempestuous Job 37:9 .Purifying Job 37:21


-FIGURATIVE Hosea 4: 19 .Of the judgments of God Jeremiah 22:22; Hosea 13:15; Matthew 7:25 .Of the

Spirit John 3:8 .Of heresy Ephesians 4:14

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