-Mosaic laws concerning Leviticus 23:37, 38; Numbers 29:39

-Must be voluntary, see below -Must be performed, see below -Estimation of the redemption price of things

offered in vows, to be made by the priest, according to age and sex of the person making the offering

Leviticus 27:1-13

-The redemption price of the offering of real estate, to be valued by the priest Leviticus 27:14, 15

-Of a field Leviticus 27: 16-25

-Edible things offered in, to be eaten the same day they were offered Leviticus 7:16-18

-Things offered in, to be brought to the tabernacle or temple Deuteronomy 12:6, 11, 17, 18, 26

-Belonged to the priests Numbers 18:14


-Rash .By Jephthah, in consecration of his daughter as a sacrafice, if his campaign against the Ammonites

were successful Judges 1 1 :29-40 .The Israelites, to destroy the Benjamites Judges 21:5, Judges 6 with

Judges 20:21

-Things forbidden to be offered in: Receipts of the whore and the price of a \"dog\" (male prostitute of a

pagan shrine) Deuteronomy 23:18

-A minor, of himself Mark 7:11-13

-UNCLASSIFIED SCRIPTURES RELATING TO Genesis 28:20, 21; 31:13; Leviticus 5:4-13; 22:18-25;

Numbers 15:2-16; 30:1-16; Deuteronomy 23:18, 21-23; Job 22:27; Psalm 22:25; 50:14, 15; 56:12; 61:5, 8;

65:1; 66:13, 14; 76:11; 116:14-19; Proverbs 20:25; Ecclesiastes 5:4-6; John 2:9; Na 1:15

-INSTANCES OF .Of Jacob, see above Genesis 28:20-22 .Of the mother of Micah, in the dedication of

silver for the making of an idol Judges 17:2, 3 .Of Hannah, to consecrate to the Lord the child for which

she prayed 1 Samuel 1:11 with 1 Samuel 1:27, 28 .Of Elkanah 1 Samuel 1:21 .Of Absalom 2 Samuel 15:7,

8 .Of Job, not to entertain thoughts of fornication Job 31:1 .Of David Psalm 132:2 .Of Ananias and

Sapphira, in the dedication of the proceeds of the sale of their land Acts 5:1-11 .Of the Jews, to kill Paul

Acts 23:12-15 .Of Jephthah, and of the Israelites


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