-A sign Exodus 3:12

-Sun and moon for time and seasons Genesis 1:14

-The mark of Cain Genesis 4:15

-Rainbow, that the earth would never be destroyed by a flood Genesis 9:12-17

-Circumcision, of the covenant of Abraham Genesis 17:11

-Presents Genesis 21:27, 30

-Miracles of Moses, of the divine authority of his missions Exodus 4:1-9


-Blood of the Paschal lamb Exodus 12:13

-The Passover Exodus 13:9

-Consecration of the firstborn Exodus 13:14-16

-The Sabbath day Exodus 31:13,17

-A fringe Numbers 15:38-40

-Scarlet thread Joshua 2:18, 21

-Cover of the altar Numbers 16:38-40

-Aaron\'s rod Numbers 17:10

-Memorial stones Joshua 4:2-9

-Dew on Gideon\'s fleece Judges 6:36-40

-Prayer for tokens of mercy Psalm 86:17

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