-General scriptures concerning Acts 25: 19

-INSTANCES OF .Israelites, supposing that their defeat in battle with the Philistines was due to their not

having brought with them the ark of the covenant 1 Samuel 4:3 with 1 Samuel 4:10, 11 .Philistines,

refusing to step on the threshold of the temple of Dagon after the image of Dagon had repeatedly fallen

upon it 1 Samuel 5:5 .The belief of the Syrians concerning the help of the gods 1 Kings 20:23 Jews,

attributing their calamities to having ceased offering sacrifices to the Queen of Heaven Jeremiah 44: 17-19

Nebuchadnezzar, supposing that the spirit of the gods was upon Daniel Daniel 4:8, 9 .The sailors who

threw Jonah into the sea John 1 :4-16 .The disciples, supposing they saw a ghost when Jesus came walking

upon the lake Matthew 14:26; Mark 6:49, 50 .Herod Antipas, imagining that Jesus was actually John the

Baptist risen from the dead Mark 6:14, 16 .The Gadarenes (Gerasenes, Gergasenes), because Jesus expelled

demons out of the man who lived among the tombs Matthew 8:34 .The disciples who were frightened at the

appearance of Peter Acts 12:14, 15 . The Ephesians, in their sorceries Acts 19:13-19 . The people of the

island of Melita (Malta), in assuming that Paul was some sort of god Acts 28:6

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