-2. One of the twelve apostles; a revolutionary and a patriot .Called \"THE CANAANITE,\" (from the

Hebrew root meaning \"religious zeal\" Matthew 10:4; Mark 3:18 .Called \"ZELOTES,\" Luke 6:15; Acts 1:13

-3. A physical half-brother of Jesus Matthew 13:55; Mark 6:3

-4. A leper .Jesus dines with Matthew 26:6; Mark 14:3

-5. A man from the city of Cyrene .Compelled to carry Jesus\' cross Matthew 27:32; Mark 15:21; Luke


-6. A Pharisee .Jesus dines with Luke 7:36-44

-7. The father of Judas Iscariot John 6:71; 12:4; 13:2, 26

-8. A sorcerer (also called Simon Magus) .Converted by Philip .Rebuked by Peter Acts 8:9-13, 18-24

-9. A tanner .Peter lodges with 10:6, Acts 9:43; 17, 32

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