-1. Also called SICHEM and SYCHEM, a district in the central part of the land of Canaan .Abraham lives

in Genesis 12:6 .The flocks and herds of Jacob kept in Genesis 37:12-14 .Joseph buried in Joshua 24:32

.Jacob buried in Acts 7:16; with Genesis 50:13

-2. Also called SYCHAR, a city of refuge in Mount Ephraim Joshua 20:7; 21:21; Judges 21:19 .Joshua

assembled the tribes of Israel at, with all their elders, chiefs, and judges, and presented them before the

Lord Joshua 24: 1-28 Joshua buried at Joshua 24:30-32 Abimelech made king at Judges 8:31; 9

.Rehoboam crowned at 1 Kings 12:1 .Destroyed by Abimelech Judges 9:45 .Rebuilt by Jeroboam 1 Kings

12:25 .Men of, killed by Ishmael Jeremiah 41:5 .Jesus visits; disciples made in John 4: 1-42

-3. Son of Hamor; seduces Jacob\'s daughter; killed by Jacob\'s sons Genesis 33:19; 34; Joshua 24:32; Judges

9:28 .Called SYCHEM Acts 7:16

-4. Ancestor of the Shechemites Numbers 26:31; Joshua 17:2

-5. Son of Shemidah 1 Chronicles 7 : 1 9

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