-(Corporal punishment by stripes) -Prescribed in the Mosaic law for committing the sin of fornication

Leviticus 19:20; Deuteronomy 22:18

-Prescribed for other offenses Deuteronomy 25:2

-40 Stripes was the maximum number Deuteronomy 25:3

-Fatal Job 9:23

-Of servants could be avenged Exodus 21 :20

-Foretold by Jesus as a persecution of future Christians Matthew 10:17

-Of children


-INSTANCES .Of Jesus Matthew 20:19; 27:26; Mark 15:15; John 19:1 .Of Paul and Silas Acts 16:23

.Of Paul Acts 21:32; 22:24; 2 Corinthians 11:24, 25 .Of Sosthenes Acts 18:17

-FIGURATIVE .Of the oppressions of rulers 1 Kings 12:1 1 .Of the evil tongue Job 5:21

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