-(Daughter of Laban and the favorite wife of Jacob) -Meets Jacob at a well Genesis 29:9-12

-Jacob serves Laban for an additional seven years to obtain her as his wife Genesis 29: 15-30

-Sterility of Genesis 29:31

-Her grief in consequence of her sterility; gives her maid, to Jacob in order to obtain children in her own

name Genesis 30:1-8, 15, 22-34

-Later productiveness of; becomes the mother of Joseph Genesis 30:22-25 .Benjamin Genesis 35:16-18, 24

-Steals the household images (teraphim, legal deed) of herfather Genesis 31:4, 14-19, 33-35

-Her death and burial Genesis 35: 18-20; 48:7; 1 Samuel 10:2

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