-L. A city in territory of the tribe of Benjamin Joshua 18:23; 1 Samuel 13:17 .Possibly identical with

EPHRAIN 2 Chronicles 13:19 And EPHRAIM John 11:54

-2. A city in territory of the tribe of Manasseh; the home of Gideon Judges 6:11, 24; 8:27, 32; 9:5

-3. Son of Meonothai 1 Chronicles 4:14


-(Kings influenced by)

-Jesus inquires about Matthew 16:13; Luke 9:18

-Feared by Nicodemus John 3:2 .Joseph of Arimathaea John 19:38 .The parents of the man who was born

blind John 9:21, 22 .Rulers, who believed in Jesus, but feared the Pharisees John 12:42, 43 . Chief priests,

who feared to answer the questions of Jesus Matthew 21:26; Mark 11:18, 32; 12:12 .Chief preists, who

feared to further persecute the disciples Acts 4:21 ; 5:26

-CONCESSIONS TO .By Paul, in circumcising Timothy Acts 16:3 .James and the Christian elders, who

required Paul to observe certain rites Acts 21:18-26 .Disciples, who urged circumcision Galatians 6:12

.Peter and Barnabas with others Galatians 2: 1 1-14

-CORRUPT YIELDING TO .By Herod (Antipas), in the case of John the Baptist Mark 6:26 .Of Peter Acts

12:3 .By Peter, concerning Jesus Matthew 26:69-75 .By Pilate Matthew 27:23-27; Mark 15:15; Luke

23:13-25; John 18:38, 39; 19:4-14 .By Felix and Festus, concerning Paul Acts 24:27; 25:9

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