-1 . Son of Lamech Genesis 5:28, 29 .Builds an ark (ship) and saves his family from the great flood Genesis

6: 14-22; 7; 8; Matthew 24:38; Luke 17:27; Hebrews 1 1:7; 1 Peter 3:20 .Builds an altar and offers sacrifices

Genesis 8:20, 21 .Receives the covenant from God that no flood would ever again visit the earth; the

rainbow instituted as a token of the covenant Genesis 8:20, 22; 9:9-17 .Intoxication of, and his curse upon

Canaan Genesis 9:20-27 .His blessing upon Shem and Japheth Genesis 9:26, 27 .Dies at the age of nine-

hundred and fifty years Genesis 9:28, 29

-2. A daughter of Zelophehad, special legislation in regard to the inheritance of Numbers 26:33; 27:1-7; 36;

Joshua 17:3-7

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