-Descendants of Midian, son of Abraham by Keturah Genesis 25:1, 2, 4; 1 Chronicles 1:32, 33

-Called ISHMAELITES Genesis 37:25, 28; Judges 8:24

-Were merchantmen Genesis 37:28

-Buy Joseph and sell him to Potiphar Genesis 37:28, 36

-Defeated by the Israelites under Phineas -Five of their kings killed -The women taken captive -Cities

burned; -And rich spoil taken Numbers 3 1

-Defeated by Gideon Judges 6; 7; 8

-Owned multitudes of camels, and dromedaries, and large quantities of gold Isaiah 60:6

-A snare to the Israelites Numbers 25: 16-18

-Prophecies concerning Isaiah 60:6; Hab 3:7

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