-1 . The mother of Jesus Matthew 1:16; Luke 1 :26-38; 2:5-19 .Visits her cousin, Elisabeth Luke 1 :39-56

Attends the feast at Jerusalem with her husband and her son, starts back on the return, misses Jesus, seeks

and finds him in the temple area Luke 2:48-51 .Is present with Jesus at a marriage feast in Cana of Galilee

John 2:1-10 .Seeks Jesus when he is teaching in a house Matthew 12:46, 47; Mark 3:31; Luke 8:19 .Present

at the cross John 19:25-27 .Is committed to the care of John John 19:27 .Lives with the disciples in


Jerusalem Acts 1:14 .Prophecies concerning Isaiah 7:14; Luke 2:35

-2. Magdalene .Possessed of devils, delivered by Jesus Mark 16:9; Luke 8:2, 3 .Present at the crucifixion

Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40; John 20:1, 11-13 .Recognizes Jesus after the resurrection Matthew 28:8-10;

Mark 16:9; John 20:14-18

-3 . Sister of Mary the mother of Jesus, and wife of Cleophas John 19:25 .Mother of James and Joses

Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40; John 19:25 .At the gravesite of Jesus Matthew 27:61; Mark 15:47 Assists in

preparing the corpse of Jesus for burial Matthew 28:1; Mark 16:1 A witness of the resurrection Luke 24 : 1

-4. Sister of Lazarus .Sits at Jesus\' feet for instruction Luke 10:38-42 .Beloved of Jesus John 11:1,5

Anoints Jesus Matthew 26:7-13; Mark 14:3-9; John 11:2; 12:3

-5. Mother of Mark and sister of Barnabas Acts 12:12; Colossians 4:10

-6. A Christian woman in Rome Romans 16:6

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