-(A judge (leader, hero) of Israel) -Illegitimate, and therefore not entitled to inherit his father\'s properly

Judges 11:1, 2

-Escapes the violence of his half-brothers; lives in the land of Lob Judges 11:3

-Recalled from the land of Lob by the elders of Gilead Judges 11:5

-Made captain of the army Judges 11:5-11

-Made head of the land of Gilead Judges 1 1 :7-l 1

-His message to the king of the Ammonites Judges 11:12-28

-Leads the army of Israel against the Ammonites Judges 1 1 :29-33

-His rash vow concerning bis daughter Judges 11:31, 34-40

-Lalsely accused by the Ephraimites Judges 12:1

-Leads the army of the Gileadites against the Ephraimites Judges 12:4

-Leads Israel for six years, dies, and is buried in Gilead Judges 12:7

-Faith of Hebrews 11:32

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