-Call of, by an angel Judges 6:11, 14

-His excuses Judges 6:15

-Promises of the Lord to Judges 6:16


-Angel attests the call to, by miracle Judges 6:21-24

-He destroys the altar of Baal, and builds one to the Lord Judges 6:25-27

-His prayer tests Judges 6:36-40

-Leads an army against and defeats the Midianites Judges 6:33-35; 7; 8:4-12

-Reproaches the Ephraimites for not joining in the campaign against the Midianites

Judges 8:1-3

-Avenges himself upon the people of Succoth Judges 8:14-17

-Israel desires to make him king; he refuses Judges 8:22, 23

-Makes an ephod which becomes a snare to the Israelites Judges 8:24-27

-Had seventy sons Judges 8:30

-Death of Judges 8:32

-Faith of Hebrews 11:32

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